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“God needs an intercessor, he found me”

– Million-Plus Intercessors 



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Clarion Call For Intercessors!!!

Wherever you are all over the world, regardless of creed or breed, if you believe in the name of Jesus and in prayer, God needs you here. We will connect in the spirit and agree to pray. God will hear us and answer!!!

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The desire of the Almighty God is to redeemed humanity and restore all through eternity. He loves the world so much that his only son was sacrificed for her redemption. God loves to see the sinners become saints and the saint’s soul winners.

The forces of darkness on the other hand, are hell bent to get the world deceived and detained. They know the time is short so they are desperate in their disposition. There is a great contention for souls.

There comes the place for intercession. A great need for those who will stand in between and do warfare through prayerful persistent and potent prayers.

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