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Seizing the Time

God has a unique call and purpose for each of our lives. He wants us to break out of mediocrity, out of a dull
and aimless existence, in order to step into a life of purpose and vision, fulfilling the assigned task he has set
before us. He wants us to play a part in the restoration of his church so can effectively reach this world with the
gospel of Jesus Christ.
Well and good, you say. But how do we go about it? What can we actually do, in concrete, practical terms that
will help us keep our divine appointment with destiny? In this chapter offer ten simple, practical steps that you
can begin taking right now. Each one is a giant step toward taking hold of your destiny in God.
Be Committed in a Church of Genuine Biblical faith
I cannot emphasize strongly enough that our destiny lies totally in the hands of the living God and that its
fulfillment depends entirely on the grace of God mediated through his son, Jesus Christ. It is God who has
brought us into being, who “knitted us together in our mother’s womb” (see Ps 139:13) according to a definite
plan and purpose that is his and his alone. It is he who controls the times and seasons of our lives, arranging
circumstances, orchestrating events, guiding our steps according to his will. Apart from him, our life has no
ultimate meaning. It is he in whom we live and move and have our being
Moreover, it is only in and through Jesus Christ that we can be incorporated into God’s purposes and integrated
into his master plan. The bible teaches that in and out of ourselves we sinful, cut off from God by our own
stubbornness we and disobedience. No effort of our own, however sincerely motivated or ardently pursued, can
bring us back into that deep union with God which we forfeited by our sin. Only the atoning death of Jesus
Christ, only his blood shed on the cross, can bridge the spiritual chasm that separates mankind from God and
restores us to fellowship with him.
Thus the indispensable first step toward taking hold of your destiny is to make certain that you are, indeed, a
Christian and involved in a church which expresses authentic New Testament Christianity. Many people
assume they are Christian because they “live in a Christian area” or because their parents were Christians, or
because they “try to be a good person and do good to others,” or even because they go to church on Sunday.
But none of these is sufficient. It is only as each of us, individually, accepts Christ’s finished work on the cross,
surrenders his life to Christ’s lordship by repentance and faith, and commits himself to radical obedience to
God’s will, that we are born a new into the family of God, launched into the “abundant life” (Jn 10:10), and
made absolutely certain about our entrance into heaven upon our death. If you have never made a definite,
clear-cut decision to give your life to Jesus Christ, I urge you to do it right now by praying this simple prayer.
Lord Jesus Christ, I want to belong to you from now on. I admit I cannot save myself by any” good works” I may
do. I want to be freed from the dominion of darkness and the rule of Satan, and I want to enter into your
Kingdom and be part of your people. I will turn away from all wrong-doing, and I will, empowered by your spirit,
avoid anything that is opposed to your will. I repent for the sins I have committed and ask you to forgive me for
them. I now put all my trust in you and you alone, for my salvation. I offer my life to you, and I promise to obey
you and serve you totally as my Lord. I freely receive your gift of eternal life and ask you to release the power
of your Holy Spirit in my life to make me fruitful as your servant.

As you begin your new life in Christ, make it a habit to spend time with the Lord each day in prayer and
scripture meditation. Pray that God will lead you to a church that expresses authentic New Testament
Christianity, where you can serve others, be nurtured in your faith, receive encouragement and correction and
be trained to fulfill the role God has for you. Above all, trust that the Lord has his hand upon your life and has
an exciting adventure awaiting you as he moves by his Spirit to restore his glorious church.
Understand Your Unconditional Approval by God
Each of us, all day every day, is fed a steady diet of lies about what it means to be an acceptable person. Our
culture, especially through the media, bombards us continually with subtle, messages that tear down our selfesteem. “You’ve got to be cool to be accepted.” “You’ve got to produce.” “You’ve got to measure up.” “You got
to use this product to be a real man (or woman).” “Your skin is ageing and your teeth are dingy. You don’t wear
the right clothes, have the right car, or use the right cologne. You are not thin enough, either, and your hair is
The situation is compounded by the fact that our enemy, Satan uses accusations as his number one weapon
against us (see Rev 12:10). He wants us to feel unworthy as individuals and especially as Christians. “Who are
you trying to kid? You call yourself a Christian? You really expect God to forgive after all you’ve done?
Faulty religious training can cause us to slip into favors. If I just witness to ten more people… If I just get up an
hour earlier to pray…If I can just read through the Bible in a month… then God will love me.” But sooner or later
we slip and fall under condemnation.
God wants to free us from the lies of our culture and from the slanders of Satan. He wants to shatter worldly
counterfeits and the bondage of legalism and to empower us to rise above Satan’s fiery darts. He wants us to
lay hold of this simple but revolutionary truth: that he loves us and accepts us, not because of what we do or
don’t do but because of two we are his children, saved by his grace, forgiven by his mercy, adopted into his
family, being transformed into the image and likeness of his son Jesus Christ.
“Accept one another, then just as Christ accepted you” (Rom 15:7). If we haven’t grasped by revelation our
unconditional acceptance by God, it will adversely affect the way we relate to others. We will communicate
rejection and conditional love, which will hinder our personal growth and development.
“But how could God love me?” You ask. “I am not good enough. I don’t deserve it”.
Ah, but that is precisely the point. He doesn’t love you because you are good; you are good because he loves
you! And you don’t have to earn his love; you only have to accept it by faith.
If you have been jilted, if you feel ugly, if you struggle with your parents, if you are overnight or underweight, if
you have been divorced, if you have lost your job, if you’re consumed by remorse over past sexual
involvements God loves you anyway. He may not approve of all you have done or do, but he accepts and loves
you. Receive his love. It will change your life! Shake off self-pity and take hold of the promise of Scripture:” If
God is for us, who can be against us? (Rom 8:31).
Celebrate Your God-given Worth and Distinctiveness
How often have you heard others or maybe yourself say things like: “I’m too short… too tall… too shy… too
young… to old… It’s my parents… my lack of education… my physical decencies… I’m living in the wrong

We are constantly underselling ourselves because of imagined or self-imposed limitation. Sometimes we even
blame God for our supposed shortcomings. “Why did you make me like this, God? Is this really the best you
could do?
God has a sobering word for us on that score. “Woe to him who quarrels with his Maker… Does the clay say to
the potter; “What are you making?.. Do you question me about my children, or give me orders about the work
of my hands?” (Is 45:9, 11). The Lord is the master potter, and we are the clay, molded and formed by him
exactly the way he wants us to be.
“We are God’s workmanship, “Paul declares (see Eph 2:10). The original language of Scripture implies that “we
are continually his workmanship” not a finished product but a magnificent work in progress. The word
translated “workmanship” carries the sense of “creative masterpiece.” Did you realize that you are a
masterpiece of the God of heaven?
We sometimes measure value by how much something costs. By that measure our value is in by incalculable.
We were “bought at bought at a piece,” Scripture tells us (1 Cor. 6:20). And what a price! It was God’s own
Son. It was the ultimate price, and God gladly paid it paid not in gold or silver or precious gems but in the blood
of for every one of us.
Two trees really are not actually identical. Think of it: with the earth full of billions of trees, God has taken the
trouble to see that no two are ever the same. He has taken no less trouble with us. When he made each one of
us, he gave us a set of fingerprints and threw away the mold. That, of course, is only a token of the uniqueness
we have as fully formed human beings. There is nobody else exactly like you, never has been, never will be.
You are a once-in-an-eternity, never-to-be-repeated, special creation of God.

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