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Secrets And Blessing Of Constant Fellowship With God By E.O Falodun

For anyone to be used of God for His glory there is a need for continuous and constant fellowship with God. Several forces fights hard to break the flow of this highly beneficial fellowship and you must fight them to a standstill. Of more concern is the subtle but serious issue of being busy with ministry and put fellowship with the owner of the work secondary.

The scripture has said it all ‘but they that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength. When we constantly connected to God through daily and devotional fellowship we will be all He wants us to be

  1. Signs of broken relationship.
  2. Dangers of broken relationship
  3. Secrets and blessing
  4. How to keep the fellowship

Signs of broken fellowship with God:

Many leaders had long been left of God and they never know. They still operate in their gifts of ministering but the giver has left them.

Example: Samson    – I will go out as usual – But God was not there.

Example2: Ballam – Was a prophet whose words are like that of God. But when he went out on His own he was so in the dark an ass will have to tell him, God has left you.

What are the signs when you have an unstable or broken fellowship with God.

  1. When you don’t have time for personal devotion – prayer and study as you should.
  2. When you fellowship with God in hurry. You do it but not as it should or used to be.
  3. When you no longer receive fresh directives from Heaven.
  4. When you sense coldness in your heart and the warmth presence of the Holy |Spirit is gone.
  5. When you no longer have the joy of service, you just do minister because you have to.
  6. When you get so busy to spend quality time with God.
  7. When you do things on your own, your wisdom and ideas take it to God for approval or just shower some prayers on it.
  8. When you drift from the way of the lord and you do things our own way.
  9. When your heart is overwhelm with worries, cares and fears.
  10. When you know and feel that the presence of God is gone.



Dangers of broken fellowship with God – 1Sam. 16:1, 14; 28: 5-8

It is wise to know and always remember that every Christian is an enemy of Satan and on the battle field. Ministry is a Spiritual engagement and the enemy of your soul is busy looking for the unguarded moments to harm you. It is therefore very dangerous to let down your armour or turn your ‘unprotected’ back to the enemy. When you allow your fellowship with God to be disrupted, you expose yourself to great danger


Broken fellowship

Creates room for Satanic influences on your mind – There is a continuous fight for your heart. It cannot be empty. When not filled with the Holy Spirit, the unclean Spirits creeps in. that is why many saints had done very ‘stupid’ things they later regretted.

–          When you are disconnected from the heaven frequency, you miss out on God’s agenda and purpose for the moment.

–          The flesh takes over and costly mistakes are the result.

–          The level of progress and impact for the kingdom is slowed down or put on hold permanently.

–          Destinies of those tied to your life and ministry are endangered.

–          The tendency to seek other means to keep in form and perform becomes high.

–          The spirit of error and heresy creeps in fast.

–          Opportunities for exploits are missed and may never be regained.

–          When one is disconnected from the source for some time, such may lose the call and be replaced.

–          Death may be the result as the enemy is working hard to kill, steal and destroy.


Secrets and blessing of continuous fellowship with God – Isaiah 40:29-31, Psalm 27:14

A careful study of the scriptures, church history and our contemporary times shows clearly that those who accomplish much in God’s kingdom are those who keep in touch with Him continuously.

–          God is our source of strength, wisdom, function and life.

–          We cannot succeed, survive or sustain our progress without Him no matter how much we seem to be doing for the kingdom.

–          When you have good fellowship with God, you enjoy his presence, comfort and love.

–          You have access to ‘secrets’ and ‘coded’ information that rubbishes the plans of the kingdom of darkness.

–          You get detailed directives and instructions that move the work forward.

–          You have access to the treasure of heaven as God Himself makes provision for the vision.

–          As you walk in faith and by faith, you see God doing greater than you ever imagine.

–          You have precious encounters with the Holy Spirit that you could never have experiences otherwise.

–          You see fruitfulness in your life and ministry.

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