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Managing stress and coping with the extra-ordinary demands on our time by E.O Falodun

Gen. 2:23, Mark 8:24

Someone said “if God wanted us to work twenty four hours without rest, he would have created two suns”. God intentionally planted a ‘rest mechanism’ in us, when not respected, there will be health challenges.

The work of the ministry is a serious and tasking calling. All you are and have are needed to keep work going. No one can do this work half heatedly and get God’s commendation. It takes total commitment.

  • Total consecration
  • Obedience
  • Sacrifice
  • Yielding

However, minister of the gospel must understand that God approves that there should be a set aside time for rest, recreation, relaxation and refuelling, when a means of transport like plane, vehicle or train refuse to park and refuel, there will be trouble. The journey will not continue.

Many are stressed out already. The rate at which ministers break down, calls for attention.

Many are;

  • Sick, weak and tired
  • Down, beaten and discourage
  • Disappointed and disgrace
  • Being carried from hospital to hospital
  • No longer active in the mining
  • Gone to be with the Lord before the time

Rest: God’s plan for a healthy life

Whenever people see the inscription REST IN PEACE, it is generally assumed that the person in question is dead. People also either knowingly or unknowingly follow the common saying that the day of death is the day of rest. How wrong this belief is.

From the scriptures we saw the rest after work is God’s plan for mankind

  • He rested a whole day after six days of work. Gen. 2:2
  • He enshrined it in the ‘constitution’ of Israel during the time of Moses that it is compulsion for everybody and animals to rest on the Sabbath (seventh) day. Lev. 23:3
  • He commanded that even the land on which farming had been done for a long time should rest. Be made to remain fallow. Lev. 26:34
  • He commanded jubilee – a time that slaves are allowed to go and rest.
  • He created day and night. If he had wanted us to work without rest he would have given us two suns and no light.
  • Do you realize that no matter how strong a person may be, sleep has a way of catching up with people.



Rest Essential – Mark 6:31

In between a football match of ninety minutes, there is a fifteen minutes break. We need to actually create ‘break time’ into our schedules. Like we said earlier, the work of the ministry is tasking. It involves – time, energy, emotion, finance etc. We are all things to all men.

  • When they are sick – they see us as doctors.
  • When they are broke – they see us as finance consultant.
  • When they are doing a project – we are supervisor.
  • When they are to take important decision – counsellors.
  • When they are to get married – it’s in our hand.
  • When the woman gets pregnant – the pastor must keep watch till she delivers.
  • When the child is born another work begins.

As we go about doing ministry, remember rest is essential.

Retreat Essential for Strong and Renewed Thrust

Jesus called His disciples aside and gave them the instruction to rest.

  • Your body get relaxed during the time of rest.
  • Your body mechanism is re-adjusted.
  • You get refreshed and renewed for a more fruitful and rewarding ministry.


How to live a stress free life

  1. This work is God’s work so don’t kill yourself because of the state of the work.
  2. Keep a diary of your schedule and plan rest in between programme and engagements.
  3. Plan a day of rest into your week.
  4. Plan some period of relaxation into your day.
  5. Engage in fasting and prayer wisely.
  6. Always remember that we are not competing in this work.
  7. Don’t pursue result for ego’s sake.
  8. Be careful how you respond to emergencies.
  9. Take all matters to God in prayer.
  10. Have time of play and fun with family.
  11. Leave your base for rest to other places where demand for ministry will be nil or almost.
  12. At such time switch off your phone

Pastor Emmanuel Olu Falodun


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