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Lecture delivered by Pastor Emmanuel Olu Falodun,




Most people desire to succeed, become great and be ‘on top’ of the calling and vocation. They claim the scriptures like, ‘I will be the head and not the tail’ ‘I will be above only’. I have observed over the years how people mix it all up. Many seem not to see how submission to service, connects to greatness.


The scriptures leadership principles in the Old and New Testament, reveals that your greatness in life and ministry is tied to your willingness to humble yourself and serve. Proud people have no place in the palace of the most high, God only work with the lowly and those with contrite heart.


The amazing thing is that the power and glory of God, flows from that source of servant hood, for as many that are available to serve they are privileged by God to access the anointing that makes a difference.




There are so many in church today who feel too big to follow. If you too big to follow, you are too small to lead.

Here are some misconceived understanding of greatness and being anointed


–          It’s all about fame, position, power, authority, and wealth

–          You are not born to be anybody’s slave

–          Don’t let anybody use your star

–          We are all anointed by God, we are equal before him, no senior

–          The Holy Spirit is my teacher, I don’t need to learn under anybody

–          This is the season of liberty, don’t let anyone put you under bondage

–          This revelation I have from God, is revealed only to me. Even if my leaders say it’s not scriptural it’s because they are blind and deaf to what God is doing now

–          I need to start my own now



Every one called of God is called to serve. The first thing God gave to Adam after his creation was a job. That has not changed! You are saved to serve. There are five levels of calling;

–          The call to salvation

–          The call to sanctification

–          The call to consecration

–          The call to service

–          The call to higher service

Beloved the way up is down, the fellow that will eventually become the king may first be sent to the palace as a servant.

–          Be humble enough to serve, there is no other legitimate way to be useful in the kingdom

–          If you want to be the greatest, become the chief servant

–          Serving under godly and anointed leaders prepare you for higher responsibilities

–          You will always get back what you sow

–          Don’t have this ‘what do I get out of this’ mentality

–          When you honour your leaders, you honour the God who called them

–          The level of your training, preparation determines your place in the kingdom



The work of the ministry will be greatly productive when the anointing of God rests on you daily. The anointing is the supernatural outpouring of the grace of God upon an individual to do that which ordinarily be able to do in human powers.

For the anointing to flow in your life without stop, you must;

–          Be a member of God’s royal family, you must have the seal of the redemptive blood of Jesus and the emblem of salvation

–          Allow the Holy Spirit to deal with every work of the flesh in your life

–          Submit to the authority

–          Serve in humility

–          Persevere in the face of persecutions, trials and troubles

–          Persist in prayers

–          Pursue excellence as you serve God

–          Obey instructions without hypocrisy

–          Resolve issues that can lead to conflict in divine wisdom

–          Be ready for new instructions and be ready to obey

Always be where the work is, God rewards commitment and hard work done with all sincerity and with holy hands and pure heart. Do you desire a new level of grace and anointing? Then be faithful where you are now, with the little assignment you have now, and the increased unction will flow upon you.



Dearly beloved Leader,

The truth is, we have just ONE life to live! We must prayerfully commit ourselves to making the most of it for the Most High. The article below is a reminder of those things that we must do to make a difference for the glory of God in our generation. Please READ and PASS ON to others, more labourers are NEEDED if the harvest will not waste. As your read meditatively, I trust you will be blessed.

Pastor Emmanuel Olu Falodun

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